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PWA creation and development for Adobe Commerce Magento

Unlike most PWA development agencies who just claim to be “good” at creating progressive Web apps , we actually have extensive experience in development. by PWA Magento 2 .

Mobile conversions are generally less than ideal. The mobile versions of the sites are generally slow, have poor navigation, and an awkward user experience. According to Google statistics, your conversions can increase by 15% if your site loads in 2 seconds or less. And a PWA is the wild card that can measurably increase your site’s conversions on mobile devices. The PWAs have completely rebuilt the UX and accelerated the speed of the eCommerce Magento sites. Therefore, they meet the needs of mobile users and enhance their shopping experience.

Did you know that the success of a PWA almost completely depends on a properly delineated UX? Users get frustrated if they can’t do something on the site while browsing on a mobile device. For example, tap a call-to-action button, close a pop-up, etc. Often it is due to inconvenient design solutions. And this can lead to your company losing revenue.

PWAs focus on mobile site optimization and page loading speed . They have improved UX and UI that give a native app-like feel. With this combination, you can improve your KPIs and acquisition costs.


Does your company need a PWA for Magento?

If at least one of these statements is true for your business, it makes sense to opt for a Progressive Web App :

You want to improve the site’s mobile conversions

Your site has less-than-perfect mobile conversions and lots of bounces (due to slow page loads, non-mobile-optimized pages, poor UX or SEO).

You need a better solution than a native app

You were thinking of having a normal native application (iOS / Android) but you want a more modern, future-oriented and cost-effective solution.

You want to get the most out of your M1 to M2 migration

You are currently migrating your eCommerce site from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and want to cut costs by getting a PWA right away (instead of investing in a later one).

You would like your website to outperform your competitors

You want your site to stand out from other companies and you want to use the capabilities of the PWA for Magento as a competitive advantage.

You would be happy to improve the marketing of your company

You would like to follow the lead of world famous brands who have managed to strengthen their marketing after introducing an eCommerce PWA.

You have a slow Magento 2 eCommerce

You are currently working with a slow version of Magento 2 that brings few conversions to your eCommerce.

What is a progressive web app (PWA)? What is a Magento PWA?

There is no better Progressive Web App development tool for eCommerce Magento sites than the one provided by Magento </ strong > same. That’s why we have chosen PWA Studio as a solid foundation for developing your Magento PWA .

A Progressive Web App is a flawless combination of Web and app . Apply modern web features to deliver a great app-like experience to your mobile users. When a Magento eCommerce site is integrated with PWA technology , it will become a Web Magento Progressive app. More specifically, the website backend remains the same while the Magento frontend is modified by the PWA dynamic showcase.

You can create a Magento 2 Progressive Web App from scratch or convert a Magento eCommerce into a PWA .

On the one hand, there are several similarities between Progressive Web App Magento and native Magento app, such as home screen shortcuts, fast page loading speed, splash page, full screen mode, push notifications , etc. On the other hand, there are many differences between Progressive Web App Magento and the native app Magento :

Development process

For native applications, you will need to create two separate apps, one for Android and another for iOS. You will need to spend at least 7-8 months development of each app. In comparison, converting your existing website to PWA will take less than 6 months, while your PWA can run on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Development and maintenance costs

In general, the cost of developing and maintaining a native app is relatively high and would have doubled if you wanted to build apps for both Android and iOS. Meanwhile, the initial cost and maintenance cost of PWA are significantly lower as the codebase can be upgraded in one location and not for each platform separately.

Installation process

For native apps , users need to visit the app store, search for your app, and install it on their mobile devices . For the PWA , when users visit your website, they will be prompted to add your PWA to their home screen; it only takes a few seconds, no installation is required.

How Magento 2 PWAs can bring results to your business

Are you in doubt whether you need a PWA for your Magento eCommerce or not? There are many reasons why a progressive web app is worth building. For starters, this is a cost-effective solution in terms of development (compared to native apps).

Push Notifications

It’s no secret that it’s much easier to sell something to an existing customer than to a completely new one. In fact, returning customers bring in over a quarter of the revenue on average.

Contrary to common belief, a PWA can help build more customer loyalty. This is possible with the push notification feature. Such reminders bring customers back into the sales funnel, effectively increasing repeat visits and purchases to the site. It is also useful for increasing customer loyalty in general.

Increase SEO

Page speed is one of the main factors affecting a site’s ranking. Therefore, if the pages load slowly, no website can go far. This is all about search engine optimization and jumping into organic SERPs. The same goes for improving bounce rates. No user likes to waste time waiting for the page content to load, if they have a slow loading, most users leave the site.

With a Magento PWA, you can strengthen your site’s SEO and rankings. Extremely fast page load times and increased site speed have a positive impact on this.

Offline use

Although most of today’s traffic is done on 4G, not all corners of the planet have fast internet. Not to mention that the Internet is still a limited resource in some countries and markets. Most websites are full of heavy and complex elements, pages take a while to load. This strongly affects user dissatisfaction.

PWAs allow you to have control over the audience struggling with poor internet connection problems. And you can address this customer segment thanks to the PWA’s ability to be used offline.

Browser operation

One of the main features of Magento PWA is that of compatibility with any mobile browser. Unlike native apps, PWAs don’t require direct downloads from the AppStore or Google Play. This means a virtually instant installation (no waiting time when adding the PWA to the splash screen).

Furthermore, PWAs do not take up storage space on the user’s device. They are a shortcut rather than a heavy native app that can be deleted to save memory space on the device. They don’t even need user updates, eliminating any app maintenance. All of the above means that your customers will be more likely to use the PWA app for longer.

PWA Magento development process

To help you understand how the development process of your PWA for Magento Adobe Commerce eCommerce will be outlined, the procedure is generally as follows:

Introduction of the project

We get in touch and discuss your specific needs.

Reviewing your eCommerce

We study your Magento Adobe eCommerce store and your audience.


We analyze the competitors’ sites, build the buyer profile and the customer portrait.

CJM creation

We put together a customer journey map in order to develop a unique solution that covers the needs of your business.


Let’s start planning the works of your PWA clearly reducing costs.

UX / UI creation

The design team then creates the UI / UX prototypes.


Our developers create your own progressive web app (PWA) for Magento.

Go Live

Finally, let’s launch your new PWA for Magento.

Post development

The app launches, followed by post-release work and possible maintenance.

Why choose us as Magento PWA (Progressive Web App) Development Agency?

Magento PWA is the next generation of Magento eCommerce with an exceptional shopping experience on mobile devices. There is no better PWA Magento development solution. We are a team of Adobe Commerce Magento PWA certified specialists , below is a summary of our skills in PWA creation for Adobe Magento Commerce .

We have already developed 10+ PWA projects

progressive web apps is a pretty new trend, and unlike most development companies who only claim to have experience in PWA development , we have projects Successful PWA in our portfolio.

Magento, PWA, UXUI are our Business Core

Our team is made up of experienced professionals in various fields. We know the whole PWA process like the back of our hands and won’t waste any time on our learning curve.

Transparency on prices and results

We will clearly highlight every aspect of the price that makes up the grand total. Additionally, we’ll explain what you’ll get in the end and deliver high-quality measurable results.

Deadlines don’t scare us

We value your time and take deadlines seriously, we are always open to discussion and will gladly answer your questions as we go. In addition, we will provide you with timely progress reports.

We bring measurable results

We don’t promise vague PWA results. You’ll see the difference in specific before / after-release metrics, such as an increase in page load speed, boosted conversions, and reduced bounce rates.

Developers for over 20 years

We are a team of certified Adobe Magento eCommerce experts, but not only that, we have been developing web, apps and web applications for over 20 years with the same enthusiasm as in the first year!

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