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Microsoft Exchange mailboxes

The reference professional e-mail service on the market.

The most complete professional email on the market

The list of features of Microsoft Exchange increases with the release of the version. The sharing and teamwork possibilities allow all members of the exchange organization to save time, staying up to date on: contacts, resource management, calendars and much more …

Advanced Features

The Exchange 2016 mailboxes are the most complete and professional e-mail solution currently on the market. Through Exchange you will have the ability to share contacts, calendars, and synchronize emails and folders on all devices, whether they are Desktop or Mobile.

All accounts can be managed independently, attributing certain access restrictions to each one. One of the most advanced features is the ability to consult e-mails read off-line, when you are abroad, without any connection. All the exchange 2016 self hosted mailboxes are without any advertising message or spam!

cost per mailbox
Exchange 50Gb
5.99 € / month
  • Mailbox Space : 50 Gb
  • SLA 99,99 %
  • Europe Hosting
  • Shared contacts and calendar
  • Antivirus & Antispam

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All Exchange mailboxes have
Unlimited bandwidth

On any Cloud Backup there is no bandwidth limitation, you will not have to worry about the traffic generated in any way. You will be able to generate millions of daily transfers at no additional cost!

Shared Calendar

Simplify the organization of appointments and meetings thanks to the included calendar. Microsoft’s email exchange allows you to send reminders to people you invite to events on your calendar. The alerts arrive directly to their e-mail address.

Webmail OWA

OWA (Outlook Web App), allows you to access your mail from any browser and find all the features of your Outlook directly on the Web, of course everything is also optimized for touch devices.

Immediate activation

Purchase a Microsoft Exchange Hosted Mailbox and we’ll do everything to activate it within hours of payment. Our technicians are at your complete disposal for any service migrations.

Antivirus and antispam protection

Manage Microsoft Exchange mail securely with our antivirus and antispam solutions included by default in your email accounts.

Exchange ActiveSync synchronization

You can sync your actions and transfer them across all your devices. This way you can archive Exchange mailboxes whenever you want, from any device.

Professional mailboxes

What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is an e-mail solution created by Microsoft and suitable for all companies. It allows you to take advantage of email and collaborative services hosted on a server. Exchange is one of the solutions proposed in the Microsoft Office offer.

An Exchange server on the other hand is a computer with large storage capacity, connected to the Internet, which provides access to your email online. In DF Solution the servers are mainly located in Europe. A mail server such as Microsoft Exchange is configured to let you access your email address and all the included services safely.

Access your Exchange 2016 chaser from your smartphone or tablet. Your emails, your calendars and your contacts follow you everywhere. Through Exchange ActiveSync, all your actions are synchronized on all devices and through the offline reading of old messages a cache system allows you to consult all your emails even offline. Useful function, when you are in a place not covered by connection or abroad.

Take advantage of all the features and power of the Microsoft offer within the DF Solution infrastructures hosted in Europe. Ideal for those who want to work in a safe environment with a tool that complies with European standards.

What types of web hosting can you find on DF Solution?

Shared hosting represent a good compromise between functionality and price and allow hosting medium-sized websites with significant expected traffic. By definition, the resources of this server are shared with other users who use them for hosting. However, user data and content is completely isolated and no other person can access your data.

In case you are looking for a different type of hosting, other than the shared hosting offered on this page, you may be interested in the following alternatives:

VPS Cloud Server

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual dedicated space. It is a part of the server, virtually cut off, which is assigned to a user. The latter therefore benefits from a personal hosting space, which he can fully dispose of.

Public Cloud Server

Public Cloud Servers allow you to access a virtual isolated server, with resources assigned to you. These servers are fully managed by DF Solution and allow you to focus on developing your web project.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server is the solution that provides you with the highest degree of performance. You have your own physical server, which allows you to publish complex web applications online. Dedicated servers are optimized to best meet the needs of the most ambitious projects.

To know which web hosting to choose, you first need to work out your web strategy. Depending on the size of your business, the reach of your online business, your hosting needs will change. For example, a user who simply wants to create a blog on WordPress can choose shared web hosting. To host a eCommerce with high traffic, we recommend more powerful solutions, such as a VPS Cloud . Big Data, AI, and high-traffic eCommerce will require higher-capacity solutions, such as a dedicated server .

If you choose a solution that can limit your room for maneuver, you risk losing visibility and relevance on search engines (breakdowns, slowdowns, etc.). DF Solution allows you to evolve towards different offers with great flexibility, to better accompany you in your activities on the Web.

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