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We carry out updates and app upgrades for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets

Upgrade App Apple Android smartphone and tablet

Android and Apple app update

DF Solution offers complete services for updating Apple and android applications on all devices including iPhone and iPad, Mac, etc ..

With our vast experience in the mobile sector, we are able not only to provide technical support, but we could become your strategic partner in the world of apps , leveraging the continuous evolve the mobile sector .

Our app update services are sought after by capital start-ups to corporate companies. Our Apple and Android app developers are always looking to bring something special to our customers’ app projects . We work with native programming languages ​​and adhere to Google and Apple design style guidelines for the best user experiences. We can also adopt these best practices and work with technologies like Xamarin on the front end and Python Django for web services and content management. We love hearing new ideas and are not afraid to sign an NDA.

Native Apple and Android app updates

Our approach to updating Apple and Android apps

Side by side, let’s create a great app together. Our in-house, Apple and Android mobile app team is passionate about creating the next great app for you. Mobile app development projects need to be carefully planned to ensure success. Our app project managers, developers and app designers work closely together every day and always keep customer interests at a high level.

Our Apple and Android application update team works side-by-side with our user experience and user interface gurus to ensure that best practices in users’ mobile experience are always respected and our client’s vision always comes first

Mobile strategy

We are able to collaborate with you as consultants, being able to understand your business needs and offer the right solution. Our experience and knowledge of Android technology coupled with in-depth industry research and a passion for excellence ensure successful strategies for your business.


Design is one of the determining factors for the success of an application. Nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing user interface that offers a smooth and fluent user experience. Our design team is full of graphic designers and creatives who can create unique design templates while maintaining a perfect user experience.


E-commerce app with lots of app sales, lead generation apps and much more … We are able to satisfy any type of need, through our Android Developer Team.

Project Management

In pursuit of creativity and innovation, we have not compromised any organizational requirements. We have an efficient project management system in place, which helps to keep track of every progress, minute by minute, thus eliminating the possibility of any ambiguity.

Quality assurance

Quality in the world of Android apps is definitely the thing we are aiming for. We have a specialized “Quality” team that conducts rigorous examination and testing to ensure that every app we develop is “bug-free”. Our “Quality” initiative is not only aimed at detecting problems, but also at solving them, suggesting an overall improvement of the app itself.


The Android App distribution process is a delicate process in which a single mistake can lead to its disapproval. For this reason, we offer specialized app distribution services through which our experts will help you distribute your application. We also offer customized app maintenance programs ensuring updates for your application on all devices and platforms.

What can we do for you?

As an app update and upgrade agency , we have worked with large companies and start-ups, which has provided us with valuable insights into what each type of business needs.

Our mission is to provide you with the skills you need for your digital project to be successful. If your idea is in its infancy, we recommend that you start with us on a design sprint before the Android and Apple App update itself.

Concept and roadmap

There are always many ideas and ways to go. Our app development agency will help you choose the right path. We will prioritize the app backlog together and create a roadmap.

Design and prototype

At this stage, the concept is becoming a reality. Our app designers and developers will create an interactive prototype of the future mobile app and prepare the delivery for the developers.

Design and prototype

At this stage, the concept is becoming a reality. Our app designers and developers will create an interactive prototype of the future mobile app and prepare the delivery for the developers.

App user test

There is nothing more valuable to any company than feedback. That’s why user testing is always part of our app development process. Quality control is an essential part of our process.

Quality management and control

We are as agile and lean as possible and adapt the development of the app to your needs. We use the Prince 2 Agile methodology to ensure that the app is delivered on time and in the best quality.

App support after launch

We don’t just provide the app. The mobile app development process is just the first step on our journey. We are here for you to support your operations and further develop the app.

Why choose our agency for updating and upgrading Apple and Android apps?

We are an experienced mobile app design and development agency. We have over seven years of experience helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies launch their digital products and increase their KPIs.

Without an experienced team, your project is doomed to fail. You need a team that is as invested as you are. This is what we do. Helping both start-ups and companies to launch their products.

We know just a thing or two about mobile apps! 🙂 DF Solution has always been an Apple and Andoird app update agency focused on startups and Corporate companies. Our app update process is methodical and agile to keep costs low and quality high. Our marketing process is comprehensive and data-driven to ensure that you are building a relevant niche user base that can be large enough to have value, without spending unnecessary funds.

Whenever a customer comes to us, we make sure our apps are built with the best UX / UI in mind, as we also take care of marketing, understand what users want to see and how they want the app to be used.

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    Whatever your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. One of our consultants App Apple and Android tablets and smartphones will take care of your request and will be at your complete disposal for any information you may need.

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