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Security audit, SEO and high performance for your Adobe Commerce Magento.

Security, SEO and Magento Performance

Why do you need an Assessment and Audit for your Magento eCommerce?

DF Solution offers several Audits for the Adobe Commerce Magento platform . These Magento assessments aim to provide a comprehensive code audit that identifies underlying issues that may prevent or adversely affect the growth and sustainability of your business.

DF Solution’s Magento Assessments provide a multifaceted approach to improve the security and performance of your Magento installation .

For the past few years, we have performed Magento Code Audits before engaging with merchants seeking advice, new jobs, or ongoing support for their Magento eCommerce sites. As we have standardized the Magento Code Audit Process , the feedback from merchants on the value that audits add to their long-term plans has been extremely positive.

Therefore, we have decided to offer this service also to new clients who are looking for impartial and professional advice that you will not receive from your developer. Our developers working on audits are Magento certified , Magento 2 formats and have experience working on eCommerce Magento of all sizes and complex configurations such as ERP and POS integrations, custom modules, Magento optimization for maximum performance and Magento coding standards.

Assessment and Magento Audit

Who is the Magento Code Audit suitable for?

The Assessment and Audit is a solution suitable for sellers who have already developed a eCommerce Magento site and wish to ensure code quality sooner or later the launch. It is also suitable for eCommerce Magento owners who continually have poor site performance. Some of the questions sellers have before hiring us for the Magento code review service are:

  1. How healthy is my Magento store?
  2. Am I using the latest version of Magento ?
  3. Are all extensions needed on my Magento and have they all been updated?
  4. Is one of the security patches issued by Magento missing on my eCommerce ?
  5. Was my website developed with the best Magento encoding standards in mind?
  6. How much can I scale with the current Magento while my e-commerce business is growing ?
  7. How secure is my hosting environment?
  8. Why is the backend / admin area of ​​my Magento eCommerce so slow?
  9. Why have my sales gone down?

The answers to these questions are detailed in our Magento Code Audit , along with actionable tips and a roadmap to implement them, so you can ensure that your Magento eCommerce </ strong> is scalable, stable and secure.

What can we offer you?

The health and performance of your site are critical to growing your online presence and business. All of these things negatively impact your SEO, your sales and, unfortunately, your customers’ trust and loyalty. Help us restore Magento to a high performance platform , scalable and reliable that it is. DF Solution can help you with the following problems that may be hindering the performance of your site:

  • Security issues
  • Missing security updates
  • Hacked or malicious code
  • Reports of credit card fraud customers
  • Sudden problems with checkout
  • Former employees
  • Frequent carding or DDOS attacks
  • Investigation of a security breach
  • reCAPTCHA and 2FA
  • Slow page load times
  • Hosting Instance Stability
  • Problems implementing new features
  • Update attempts failed
  • Poor performance audit results
  • JavaScript errors
  • Outdated server requirements
  • Problems on ElasticSearch
  • Outdated infrastructure
  • Little or no SEO progress
  • Site not SEO optimized
  • Transactional emails in SPAM
  • Update on Google Audit
  • No structured data
  • Google is not indexing my site
  • Toxic Backlinks Affecting SEO
  • Broken links
  • Problems with duplicate content

What will you get with an Adobe Commerce Magento Assessment and Audit?

The final report of the Magento Code Audit includes a in-depth analysis of your Magento eCommerce with a list of priority actions. The report analyzes the quality of the frontend and backend code according to the Magento coding standards , the defects of the architecture of the Magento application, finds the changes to the Core (if any ), cross-browser compatibility, user registration and checkout, look for opportunities for CSS / Javascript / XML optimization, usage / extension compatibility, review of the deployment process and server configuration . < / p>
Based on the findings, the audit clearly documents the flows and recommendations on how your development team can implement fixes without the need for further advice from us.

Why choose us for an Adobe Commerce Magento Audit? ?

Since no Magento eCommerce or commercial activity is the same, our Magento audits are performed on a case-by-case basis without the use of automated tools. To complete an audit of the Magento code , our team needs access to your hosting environment, preferably SSH access, a login for your Magento administrator and access to Git (Github / Gitlab / Bitbucket).

After the audit has been delivered, our team continues with a telephone conversation to discuss the results or answer any questions related to the areas covered and the steps to implement the fixes. The final version of the audit includes a priority list of all issues.

If you would like our team of Magento certified developers to implement these fixes, we also provide this service at an additional cost.

Increase the sales and performance of your Magento eCommerce by requesting an Adobe Commerce Magento Assessment and Audit today!

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