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Magento Support

What We Offer?

The maintenance and support of your Magento eCommerce 2 can take a lot of time and technical skills. By delegating this task to our experts, you will free up time for higher priority tasks.

Timely maintenance of your eCommerce is required to be fully prepared at the end of support for the Magento version, to avoid security breaches and performance drops.

What are the benefits of our Magento support services?

First of all, this is convenient as hiring an internal developer to handle the process may not be financially viable. DF Solution’s Magento support and maintenance services are not just about coding and testing: we help bring your store to the highest level of performance in a timely manner by providing your platform with the latest updates and new technical features by Adobe .

What Makes Adobe Commerce Magento Support Services Great?

  1. It is run only by Magento developers with years of experience, Project Managers and SEO specialists.
  2. Our packages include the pre-identified number of development hours. However, they are flexible and the number of hours can be changed along with the costs based on business needs.
Magento eCommerce support and maintenance

What does our Magento support service include?

By purchasing a maintenance package for your Adobe Magento eCommerce you will have the know-how of certified Magento developers and a team of people dedicated to you.

Our Magento Support Packages help bring urgent solutions to the operation of your Adobe eCommerce and ensure trouble-free performance. By offering Magento maintenance services , DF Solution helps to manage all the technical obstacles that arise and represents a continuous business evolution in line with changing business needs.


Combining business thinking and technical expertise, our team assists your company in development of the evolution strategy and technically implements business ideas. Typically, this may involve: UI / UX re-design, creation of custom features, integration of your eCommerce with third party systems, etc …


You don’t need to have a full-time support team when you can rely on our Magento skills and put your technology stack under our tireless control. This way you can shift your attention away from technology and channel all your energies on the evolution of your Magento eCommerce .


Cyber attacks on eCommerce are constantly evolving in terms of volume and intelligence. At DF Solution, we incorporate security into a Magento development process using a DevSecOps approach for continuous delivery. This involves early identification and remediation of vulnerabilities in the code.


If you feel that the key performance indicators (e.g. conversion rate) are low, we will get to the root of the problem by running a UX audit of your Magento eCommerce , reviewing critical aspects of its usability and customer experience: visual appeal, navigation, catalog merchandising, checkout and more. Therefore, we can identify conversion killers and deliver the required enhancements.


For over 12 years we have been Magento programmers , we have faced enough blockages, issues and errors to state that we have probably already encountered your problem, with our Magento maintenance plans we know how face them. We can get to work as soon as possible for such problems.

Backend training

In addition to solving any reported problems, we will gradually train your entire team on the use of your eCommerce Magento . This is to allow you to acquire specific Magento skills within your team, and ensure that the latter are able to proceed independently on any backend operation.

Four steps to go to DF Solution support

We aim to provide quality support services to companies with eCommerce Magento . For us this means knowing how a company is organized, what challenges it faces and what objectives it pursues. Only by seeing a complete business picture and predicting the scope of the project can we come up with a relevant support strategy.

Ecommerce solution Assessment
Knowledge transfer
Support strategy development
SLA preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Magento maintenance and support packages?

We review each business case and form an optimal package of regular support activities individually. You can send us a request with a brief description of your current support needs and get a cost estimate.

What is Magento maintenance and support?

The Adobe Magento eCommerce support service is a tool that helps you reduce the time spent on maintenance of your eCommerce , delegating this task to a team of professionals . Our experts will keep an eye on the health of your site and fix any problems that may arise.

What does Magento support and maintenance include?

Depending on the plan chosen, the Magento support and maintenance service may include: registry checks and fixes, ongoing Magento support , monitoring and alerts, installation of security patches, SEO audits and adjustments, Magento version updates, performance optimization, ongoing developments.

Our problem is quite urgent. Could you intervene immediately?

Safe! We always respond within 30 minutes, but you can also include a note of urgency in your request to notify us from the start.

We are delayed with further Magento development. Do you have resources to support us along the way?

Yes, we work with companies on an ongoing basis. To ensure sufficient resources, we continually foster an environment for professional growth, expanding both the team and the Magento skills portfolio. All our Magento developers are certified.

Why choose us for your Magento maintenance and support?

By delegating the support and evolution of your e-commerce business to DF Solution, you will collaborate with an experienced Magento team . Of course, this can only bring great results to your business, including:


We provide minor and major improvements and updates to your eCommerce solution, paving the way for a better customer experience and effectively organized internal workflows.


We participate in the development of a company roadmap and take care of all the technical aspects related to the solution.

Expertise & amp; Timeliness

Any urgent problem on your Adobe Magento eCommerce is resolved competently and promptly.

Periodic checks

If you wish, you can have weekly and / or monthly checks and verifications on the correct functioning of your Adobe eCommerce Magento .

Business systems

Your Adobe Magento eCommerce and the business systems integrated with it are securely protected.


The maturity of our quality management system is confirmed by the Adobe Commerce Magento partner certification .

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