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Development of Magento modules and extensions by certified developers.

Magento Modules

What We Offer?

We refine your Magento eCommerce and third party extensions , adding the functionality your business needs, providing Magento module development services based on your business requirements.

We use our in-house tools to ensure that written code meets Magento standards and that development processes meet ISO 9001: 2015 requirements. The development of custom Adobe Commerce Magento modules and extensions is a complete service aimed at meeting the needs of your business.

Not only can we customize our extensions , we can also develop modules from scratch. The development of custom modules is just one of the possible Magento development services that our team can offer. We accept projects of any complexity and do our best to make your ideas a reality.

Creation and development of Magento eCommerce modules

What does our Magento module development service include?

At the end of the development you will receive a module developed for the specific needs of your eCommerce Magento . We are not just a Magento custom module development company , but your future business partner with over 12 years of experience you can rely on.

Project idea

We have no strict rules on gathering requirements for a project. You can contact us for a rough idea or a WBS project. The more detailed a concept is outlined, the more detailed we can estimate an offer for you.

Dedicated project manager

This specialist guides your project from start to finish by collecting project requirements, creating tasks, managing Magento extension developers , taking responsibility for project delivery, taking care of of the financial part, scheduling meetings in accessible formats, informing you about the status of the project and performing release support.

Respect of deadlines

We provide a complete evaluation of the project with its release timing. We are always ready to do what we can to reduce project implementation time and meet a deadline for developing a custom Magento plugin or a third party module.

Standard Code

We write custom code as micro modules that meet Magento standards. We follow software development best practices without altering the code, thus ensuring that customizations do not create problems when installing updates on your Magento eCommerce .


Based on the combination of the project factors, we help our clients to choose an acceptable type of payment. We accept credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers. In addition, we develop Magento 2 solutions with a customized price to meet your project needs.

Post-development assistance

We are one of the few companies that provide 2 months of free support for a custom product after release. Your project manager will answer all your questions even after 2 months and help you choose the products or solutions you need.

Our Magento personalization services

Magento Custom Development is the right service for creating unique solutions to expand the core functionality of Adobe Commerce Magento . At DF Solution, we expand the Magento core with features specific to your business and design customized websites for digital-first companies.

We could talk hours and hours about how the personalization power of Magento knows no bounds and how long we have been bringing all that power to business in our customers. But we won’t. In order for you to have a clear understanding of Magento’s personalization capabilities and our services, we explain exactly what we can do and how our contribution can help your business. We are knowledgeable and resourceful for large-scale projects where multiple custom features need to be implemented. However, our experience is invaluable on even the smallest projects, where a single business aspect needs to be tailored to your goals.

Custom template development

Key component in the Magento world is the responsive layout or theme. With a custom theme , you really get the look of your Magento eCommerce rather than relying on the default features of a purchased theme. By knowing how sophisticated shoppers are in their perception of brands and companies, we can bring eye-catching visual design and a great digital experience to the fore.

Custom modules

We can optimize, expand and enrich your Adobe Commerce Magento with custom features . The potential for customization itself is certainly not limited to the functionality described and you can always come up with your business ideas – we will study their feasibility and implement the feasible ones competently.

Custom integrations

There are three fundamental reasons for choosing custom Magento integrations with third-party systems: expanding your business through new sales channels, effectively automating back-office workflows, and pushing for a better customer experience.

When you come with a specific business need in mind, we offer to cover it with a targeted Magento extension. We make sure to vary our approach depending on your main goal.

Custom Magento Modules to be used only in your company

We precisely tailor custom features to your current Magento eCommerce solution. To this end, we review your current Magento solution and align it with future features to eliminate the possibility of conflicting features. We create every detail of the extension in line with the specifications of your business to provide the most suitable result.

Custom Magento Extensions for commercial use

When a universal reusable idea comes to mind, we design a solution concept taking into account the general needs of eCommerce. We can involve user persona research and user journey mapping to uncover hidden pitfalls, refine the feature set, and generally gain clarity on the solution goals. Once the functional requirements are finalized with you, we get to work to bring your extension to market within an agreed timeline. When we work with intermediaries (business consultants or marketing agencies), we are ready to meet short deadlines to deliver the product to the end customer as soon as possible.

Why choose us for customizing your Adobe Commerce Magento modules?

Despite the bright side of Magento-based custom solutions, which are flexible, scalable and can be developed in full accordance with your business needs, you may avoid deep customization due to the seemingly substantial time and financial investment required. At DF Solution, we are able to provide customized solutions at different budgets through the research and development approach.

Dedicated development team

We share the experience of our in-house experts. You can put together a team of dedicated developers , quality control specialists, designers and marketers to meet your project needs. Delegate your developments to proven Magento module development company instead of wasting resources searching for resources.

Mobile development

In addition to Magento extension development , we create mobile add-ons for Magento and / or independent software for Android and iOS platforms. Any of your seemingly unattainable ideas can be regularly implemented by our certified Adobe Commerce Magento experts .

Turnkey development

We help you choose and configure your platform, decide the hosting environment and conditions, third-party integrations, design, content. We go to great lengths to make sure you get a fully functional Magento eCommerce , ready to generate revenue.

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