The core of marketing is data driven

Data Analysis

Consulting and data analysis of your website

The heart of marketing is data driven

Web analysis consultancy

To date, we have supported more than 300 different brands in digital to be more successful. During the data analysis process, we offer a rich range of services: from infrastructure studies focused on collecting detailed data about your visitors, to creating estimation analyzes using learning models; from integrating data with third party service providers to creating reporting interfaces.

Data analysis is basically the application of the correct analysis method within statistical significance. It is important to know that correlation is not necessarily causation every time and that the results obtained should have certain margins of error and the results of the analysis should be reproducibly presented.

The analysis process should always start with a “Why?” he asks and continues thinking about how to build analytics that can answer that question. The analyst should be aware that not all advanced theories may be accurate, and also that in some cases there may not be enough data and / or data sources available to reach an answer, and should always be on the lookout for new sources. of data.

What we can do for you

The data analysis process for Web Analytics

The Data Analysis Process must be built with the right structure. We will follow world-class approaches to data analytics to provide new perspectives for decision making. Following the latest technological advances in the open source world, especially from global marketing giants Facebook and Google, we help you do a time series analysis, data clustering and feature design appropriate to create useful inputs for the libraries of machine learning. To make this happen, we work with your internal team who can provide more insight into the history of the data.


Preliminary analysis, problem analysis, decision on solutions

Data analysis and cleaning

Analysis of data collection methods, data cleansing process, identification of additional data sources, preparation of data for analysis

Analysis and Approach

Creation of hypotheses, basic and advanced approaches to data analysis, evaluation of outputs, transformation of outputs into actions

Secondary services

Web analysis services

Digital data analysis is the completion of analyzes by selecting the correct data analysis techniques after collecting data that has sufficient detail with accurate methods in the correct database structures.

Finding the correlation between data metrics in existing data sources used, converting the information obtained from these into test scenarios, extracting stories of the information obtained from the data using the correct visualization methods, and making data-oriented decisions as a result of all these operations are part of the data analysis.

Determining the positions of actors in an industry, examining changes in dynamics within the industry based on time and other metrics, and interpreting the results of actions taken can be provided as examples of the subjects analyzed in the data analysis.

Understanding data and improving measurability is at the heart of our service offerings.

Tag Manager Consulting

Correctly labeling data is the first step in a correct measurement strategy.

Google Analytics consulting

The Internet’s most used web analytics service is made easy by expert consultants.

Product Analysis Consulting

By using world-class solutions such as Mixpanel and Amplitude, we simplify decision making.

How is data analytics used in business development processes?

Companies that use data analytics in business development processes have a greater awareness of what action they will take at which stage during decision making. Data analytics helps companies identify current trends, understand structures and relationships within data, anticipate market changes, and take action.

When is the best time to use data analysis methods?

The approaches to data analysis are not occasional or particular, they are approaches that should be constantly optimized and applied. This is a process that goes smoothly with the discovery, storage and use of new and diverse data sources.

What is off-site SEO and what does it do?

The data that can be used in data analysis is modeled by the questions asked before the analysis is performed. To collect data to understand user behavior, data from basic data tools may be required, or additional data sets may be extended and solutions from different perspectives may be used. For each different type of analysis, different data types and approaches may need to be applied.

How does the DF Solution team approach data analysis?

We build data analysis processes on finding additional and more efficient data sources and obtaining the highest level of information we can gain from them.

We test the accuracy of the data we use in the analysis processes, we act with the principle of not reaching any results rather than coming to a false conclusion, and we also present within which values the confidence intervals of the measurements we have performed are distributed.

We do not limit our analysis to the tools currently used, we provide access to the most detailed data and external sources available, collect data with data mining techniques and present the most detailed analysis available in the world today using machine learning and deep learning. techniques.

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