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B2B development

Magento B2B eCommerce development

The B2B development of Magento implies the need to take into account the specificities of business-to-business interactions to provide eCommerce companies with the right digital tools. For B2B ecommerce projects, we use a functional B2B Magento module to create a winning digital experience for business buyers.

DF Solution is a B2B development agency , specializing in building scalable and robust B2B eCommerce stores. By keeping up with current industry trends, we offer a unique blend of flexibility and reliability, ensuring your business gets enterprise-class functionality and strong customer focus.

Magento B2B is designed to meet the demands of B2B companies . Magento B2B mainly evolves businesses with complex organizational structures and multiple users. Magento’s B2B development services aim to solve problems such as complex orders, engage audiences and optimize sites for inbound marketing.

The power of our B2B solutions

Adobe Commerce Magento B2B

With the highest priority on customer relationship, we ensure advanced features and strong customer focus. These serve as the basis for long-term and trust-based cooperation. Starting from defining a strategy and moving on to design and development of your Magento B2B solution , we implement the following features to achieve your business goal.

More Security

The backend of your B2B eCommerce is a well of business information. Customer data, reports, marketing campaigns are different parts of the whole picture. To protect sensitive information, we assign different user roles to your employees. Depending on the location and a range of duties, they will only have access to the information they need.

Customer account

Your customers benefit from a comprehensive account that stores complete business information, including billing and shipping preferences, newsletter subscriptions, wishlists, and more. Faster checkout and the ability to reorder directly from the account make the customer’s journey through your web store quick and convenient.

Intuitive product catalog

The more time your customers spend finding the item they want, the less likely they are to purchase. We help you create a catalog that makes it easier to search, filter, view and order your goods. As an additional time-saving option, they will be able to use SKUs to add products to a cart and order directly from a catalog page.

Success factors of Magento B2B eCommerce implementation

Looking back at DF Solution projects for companies Magento B2B , we can think of several best practices that have helped our customers to better plan different aspects of their B2B e-commerce solutions .


The higher the value of the products you sell, the more complete and detailed your product descriptions should be. Your B2B ecommerce solution must support the type of content that would sell your product best: 3D product viewers, free product specification downloads, video tutorials, etc. Based on your choice, your eCommerce Magento web designers will plan different types of page layouts.


A B2B eCommerce solution should provide micro-conversions to interact with buyers who are in the middle of their decision making. You can offer to schedule an individual consultation with a sales representative or detect abandoned shopping carts and recontact those users.


For some companies that provide on-demand manufacturing services (e.g. manufacturing of industrial parts), a B2B eCommerce site must first and foremost be aimed at brand building as there are no products in stock to sell. Once trust is established, prospects can request an individual quote by uploading their own specifications or prototypes.

Stock & Multistore

B2B companies commonly have large geographic expansion. By choosing a multi-store eCommerce solution, you can offer GeoPricing or different experiences based on the store. If your ERP allows you to manage partial shipments, you are ready to manage backorder deliveries and not miss out on sales opportunities.

Project cost and ROI

An average cost for the implementation of B2B eCommerce varies between 70k and 250k. The range is so broad because the cost of a Magento B2B ecommerce solution always depends on numerous factors: estimated traffic and choice of the optimal solution architecture, scope of customization, number of third-party integrations and so on.

The advantages of B2B digitization derive mainly from cost savings. While an average cost for manual order entry and handling is € 50-150 for a B2B business, it drops to € 25 and less with an Adobe Magento B2B e-commerce solution integrated with the back office.

At DF Solution, we work with eCommerce Adobe Magento B2B platforms that confirm to be specific for B2B and provide all the main functional features that a B2B company definitely needs. (for example, a flow of request for quotation, quick orders, etc ..).

Why choose us for the development of your Magento B2B Adobe Commerce eCommerce?

DF Solution’s experience in launching Adobe Magento B2B eCommerce solutions spans a variety of industries. However, we see that the trend towards expansion to digital channels is in full swing across three major verticals.


The segment of B2B buyers in the healthcare sector is huge: hospitals, pharmacies retail, medical institutions , research laboratories </ strong > and many others. Digitizing their procurement processes helps them maintain fast, uninterrupted medical services.

Industrial manufacturing

The industrial sector is launching more and more digital channels and thereby winning the smaller buyers who were undervalued by the sales teams. Now, they are part of the profit. You will need a highly scalable, high-performance B2B Magento eCommerce solution to handle hundreds of thousands of SKUs and a complexity of multiple price lists.


Working with perishable products , manufacturers and suppliers of food products use digital sales channels to minimize the time gap between order entry and processing, and thus obtaining improvements in customer service.

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