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Domenico Falcicchio. CEO of DF Solution

Adobe eCommerce Magento e Shopify Plus

Realizzazione e sviluppo eCommerce Magento e Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus & Adobe Commerce Solution Partner Magento

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Adobe Commerce Solution Partner Magento

Adobe Solution Partner Magento

Present on the web & amp; hosting for over 20 years, DF Solution is a system integrator, specialized in the creation of e-commerce on the Adobe Magento platform .

With over 500 digital projects in Italy and Europe, the DF Solution team has been developing high-performance eCommerce Magento sites for over 15 years for a range of B2C and B2B projects.

Our team of Magento eCommerce developers is highly qualified and can create any custom solution for enterprise and non-enterprise projects.

Adobe Commerce is the leading platform for B2C and B2B digital transformation. Over 250,000 brands around the world use it. In over fifteen years, our certified Magento Commerce developers have developed online shops for brands around the world, our experience in implementing Adobe Commerce is remarkable and our developers, solution architects and Adobe Commerce certified consultants will help you implement, design and integrate your new B2C or B2B showcase with field-tested processes that ensure the success of your digital transformation.

We help you implement Adobe Commerce for your B2C or B2B business, including single websites, or multiple country or brand specific websites.

As a Certified Adobe Solution Partner , we offer a full satisfaction guarantee for each project, which ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Hosting e IT Services

Magento eCommerce Hosting Solutions

Full Managed Magento hosting platform, designed with a fully optimized stack to deliver the fastest performance and most reliable experience with comprehensive security, 24/7 support.

We adopt Cloudflare’s CDNs to speed up our Magento eCommerce, using 65% fewer requests and 60% less bandwidth usage, all by caching static assets including CSS, JavaScript and images. We also protect all websites from Denial of Services (DoS) attacks by automatically identifying known vulnerabilities.

We use a tailor-made software stack to give you maximum performance, essentially a tailor-made hosting, depending on the plan you choose you can have a VPS Cloud, a Public Cloud Server or a Dedicated Server for your Magento eCommerce, all Full Managed .

With a Full Managed plan you will not have any worries, everything concerning the systems infrastructure of your server is our responsibility. We take care of all possible problems related to management. You will just have to focus on selling your products.

For years now Magento Hosting Partner for thousands of companies … our secret? We know exactly what our customers need to grow their online business.

You don’t have to worry about a thing

Your hosting is equipped with the best solutions

Basic SSL security certificate

So you can trust your customers by encrypting the information you exchange with them: payment gateway, intranet access, contact form, etc.

Configure your version of PHP

On all hosting plans, you have the freedom to define and modify the values ​​of the most common PHP configuration parameters to optimize their performance.

SSD and NVMe Technology

The best technology for the performance of your websites, tripling the speed of access to the most visited pages, improving the user experience of visitors.

Unlimited monthly traffic

Don’t hold back your success. We help you grow your business, with no bandwidth or traffic limits on any plan you choose.

Hosting Full Managed

On all plans we offer a Full Managed service, always available, supervised 24/7 and updated with security patches.

Anti-DDoS protection

All offered solutions are protected from DDoS attacks. Our web services are subject to strict security measures.

Taylor made solutions for your project

Custom web application development and Magento PWA

For over 20 years DF Solution has been providing web development services that involve the design, development, scaling, integration and maintenance of software products that can be used online.

The development of web applications or PWA Magento , based on new technologies and support services, offers a variety of solutions tailored to business processes, challenges and requirements.

DF Solution sees in its mission the work with respect and transparency together with customers on software products, to meet business needs. We provide fully customizable web development services, tailored to the customer’s needs.

We build Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that are scalable, responsive and secure. Our strong point is Angular on the front-end, Node.js on the back-end, we also work with TypeScript, React and Laravel.

We provide full code transparency through versioning software (GitHub) and use a direct communication platform to quickly communicate results, blocks or project changes.

DF Solution’s web development services are the catalyst for business improvements across multiple industries. As a web development company, we constantly adapt our services to market realities and technological trends. Our contribution to the digital development of clients in business areas such as real estate, eCommerce , healthcare, media, education and finance is recognized and appreciated by our clients.

Magento PWA

Progressive Web App Development (PWA)

In most cases, all eCommerce solutions are based on a CMS that “serves” both the backend (admin panel) and the frontend (what the visitor sees) at the same time. Through PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), this concept is completely transformed, it will be possible to have the backend on Magento 2 and the frontend on a PWA like Magento PWA Studio .

To be able to describe it in simple words, we could say that a Progressive Web App uses the most modern technologies to offer a user experience similar if not identical to that of a native app. </ strong >

With native applications (iOS / Android) downloaded from various stores (Apple or Google) it is possible to use native features of the device where they are installed, such as sending push notifications, working offline, etc. The web apps visited through a browser such as Chrome or Safari, historically cannot take advantage of these features. The PWA (Progressive Web App) completely solve this problem. In practice, they allow you to develop a web app that can offer a good share of the advantages of native applications, with the same user experience but with additional advantages over a native app.


They do not require an installation through the Apple or Google stores, any user can try your PWA without downloading it from the stores.


The implementation of PWAs unlike native apps allows savings in terms of time and economic expense.


Each App needs updates for OS changes, PWAs update each time the device connects to the Internet.

Multi device

Once developed, the latter is already available and compatible for all iOS and Android smartphone / tablet devices.


PWAs can also be used and consulted offline, or even when there is no internet connection.

Search engines

Progressive web apps rank in search engines like any website and are well regarded for their loading speed.

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